Zacro Controller for N-Switch, Dual Motor Vibration Switch Controller Six-axis Gravity Sensor, Comfortable & Ergonomic Design NS Non-slip In-line Hand Grip Joy-Con Replacement for Male Hand Shape

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1.?Excellent Gaming Experience?Dual-motor vibration, six-axis gyroscope gravity sensor brings a super gaming experience; PD power charging input interface with original adapter, supports charging and playing; with handle system upgrade and other functions; Combine it with the handle to make the operation experience better and play games more enjoyable
2.?Quick Connection? Zacro Switch Controller is specially designed for N-Switch. After directly plugging into the Switch console, the Switch controller will automatically establish a connection, plug and play
3.?Designed for Men? This controller is suitable for all men. The comfortable non-slip grip design effectively relieves finger fatigue and brings a comfortable gaming experience. The large button design effectively prevents accidental touch of the button and prevents incorrect operation
4.?Easy to Set Up?Before using this product, please set up the SWITCH console, find the “Handle and Sensor” setting item of Switch, and set “Pro handle wired Connections” to “ON”, and then use the controller after calibration. When you need to take your SWITCH off, just simply push it up gently to remove it.
5.?Customer Service?The controller has been fully inspected and the quality is reliable. With a 12-month warranty, if the product fails, we will be responsible for the replacement and return of the product

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