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Yobuno Blackhead Remover Vacuum Facial Pore Cleanser Extractor Electric Spot Removal Tools USB Rechargeable with Replacement Probes and Extra Skin Care Needle Kits

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?5 levels and 3 buttons? Compared to the conventional 3-speed design, Yobuno blackhead remover has 5 levels to choose from, making it easier for customers to select a suitable suction level for different skin types. The 3 buttons including switch, plus and minus buttons make using the steps easy and obvious.
?3 suction heads? Yobuno blackhead remover has 3 suction heads in different sizes and shapes. A large sucking round head to remove stubborn blackheads; a small one for the common blackhead problem and an oval one for the blackheads in the wing area of the nose. The oval head can also be used to remove fine lines.
?Strong and Safe? The air pump can produce a maximum suction force of 60 kPa, which gives the equipment enough power to remove stubborn blackheads. It has 3 suction heads and all of them are made of high quality plastic so that our users are free from allergy problems.
?Intuitive design and elegant appearance? The handle is designed according to human mechanics to bring you a smoother and easier experience. It also takes on the classic shape and colors like ivory and gold, in keeping with the popular aesthetic. The overall style is simple and elegant and suitable for all user groups.
?Reliable Quality? Yobuno Y2 is a blackhead remover made to solve various skin problems, especially blackhead problem. We have a professional research and development department and facility, which means the product can better meet customer needs and we can respond more quickly to any problems.

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