TOUCHBeauty Mini Air Nail Polish Dryer with UV LED Lamp Designed for Teens and Beginners, Suitable for Regular Gel Nail Polish, Purple 1439

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2-in-1 nail dryer comes with air drying mode and UV light drying mode to dry nail polishes safely and beautifully
The mini size dryer is designed for kids / teens / beginners: you can only dry 4 fingers at a time, it comes with a push button to turn it on, and the finger plate ensures precision nail drying
Painless drying: This mini dryer offers 100% safe air or 380-385nm UV light drying mode for nails or toes, although it does not dry quickly in 30 seconds
No drying results for black hands offering air drying to avoid strong UV lamps causing problems with blackened hands
Ideal as a Christmas gift. Works with 3 AAA batteries (batteries not included)

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