TOUCHBeauty Portable Eye Massager Wand with 104.0 ? F Heated and Sonic Vibration Treatment to Relieve Eyes Dark Circles, Puffiness, Fatigue | Galvanic Pink Facial Anti-Aging Device TB-1583

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Sonic Vibration Eye Massager – Designed to reduce the cause of dark circulation and puffiness from staying up or not sleeping. Helps revitalize the delicate skin under the eyes, soothes and refreshes skin for a brighter appearance.
104.0 ? F Combined Warm Treatment with Sonic Vibration: The warm treatment helps open the pores of the skin and allows the eye creams to be better absorbed. The vibration helps increase blood circulation and relax the eyes.
BEST EYE CREAM COMPANION – Use with our 104.0 ? F heat wand, your favorite creams will be absorbed into your skin, giving you more radiant and healthy skin.
Smart Sensor Switch: You need to have your fingers in contact with the metal part (smart sensor) of the wand, the device automatically detects the contact electronically and goes to work. TOUCHBeauty Eye Massage Wand with Advanced Patent Technology (Patent No. 201530153674.0)
STYLISH AND PORTABLE DESIGN – Small enough to take anywhere, perfect for travel as it easily fits in your purse or cosmetic bag, and comes with a protective cap to cover the massage head. It works with 1 AAA battery (not included).

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