SToGA Wireless Controller for P48578


Wireless Controller for PS4?STOGA Wireless Controller with Dual Vibration Game Joystick (Blue)

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Wireless Connect for multi-platform: this controller supports PS3 / Playstation 4 consoles and PC. It is compatible with Wireless connection of the wireless controller and compatible with PS3 / PS4 including Pro & Normal version. (Start wireless controller function only need to press PS & SHARE button together)
More Function compatible with PS4 controller: Supports the key and functions of the PS4 control panel keys. With 3D accelerometer and G-gyroscope sensor, consisting of X, Y, Z, G and 6-axis sensor function. Configured with a 3.5mm headphone jack and speaker input, the audio signal can also be output in games.
Ergonomic design : Matte with artificial leather grip with Ergonomic, comfortable design, the analog sticks and buttons more responsive to have a more accurate playing experiences.
Share Video & Pictures: Share Video & Pictures: Upload game video or pictures to Youtube, Facebook, Twitter by using share button,sharing and keep nice record and invite friends to join the games.
Play together with game player : PS4 consoles can connect up to four controllers simultaneously. The first time you connect to the PS4 console, first connect to the USB cable, then disconnect the USB cable and press the PS button to establish a Bluetooth connection.

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