Soatasoa Color Light Blackhead Remover JHF-09


SoataSoa Blackhead Remover Vacuum Pore Cleaner With 5 Cleaning Modes, 5 Replaceable Probes and 2 Blackhead Remover Devices Electric Acne Suction Appliance Facial Machine

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Safe and Painless: Adopting the innovative vacuum absorption technology, SoataSoa Blackhead Remover does not hurt your skin. This black cleaning tool is more convenient and efficient to use than face mask or acne pin. Made of environmental-friendly ABS material, the blackhead & acne remover preparation is non-toxic and non-irritant to be used on the face securely.
5 Black Vacuum Cleansers: Various shapes of cosmetic heads (anti-blackhead) can meet diverse needs of the face, including the bigger round head used for some stubborn blackheads; the little round head with weak suction used for the sensitive skin; the elliptical head used for the area difficult to clean; the head used for removing dead skin and horniness; the facial massage head.
5 Optional Strength Levels: With one-click design, the facial pore cleanser can adjust suction from 1 to 5 by clicking the button to switch level. The suction level-1 and level-2 are suitable for the sensitive and dry skin, and please use it with the little pore beauty apparatus together for the first time. The average suction level-3 is suitable for the normal skin. The high suction level-4 is suitable for the oily skin. The highest suction level-5 is suitable for the mixed skin.
Vacuum Function and High-quality Battery: The vacuum function of the facial cleaning device can keep the skin clean, healthy and glossy, remove blackheads and clean pores deeply. After being charged fully (about 1.5h charging time), the high-performance lithium battery can be used for 4 weeks (twice a week within 3-5 minutes at a time). The portable is suitable for family skin care, travel and so forth. The skin-friendly ABS material with high-quality packaging is the ideal gift for family and f
Attention: Please move the blackhead & acne remover device in the same direction, and keep it less than 3s. TIPS: Dilate pores before use for a better effect. In case of any questions on SoataSoa Blackhead remover Pore Cleaner, please contact us by e-mail immediately.

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