RF&EMS Beauty Instrument 9902


5 in 1 Multifunctional Facial Beauty Instrument RF and EMS Whitening Firming Face Massager Skin Care Device 6 Color Led Light Modes

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Firming and enhancing the skin: Firming beauty devices promote cell metabolism, promote blood circulation, reduce skin pressure, make skin firmer and more elastic.
Rejuvenation: EMS facial beauty massager uses needle-free plastic technology to directly inject skin care essence into the skin layer, moisturize the skin and make you younger.
Versatile: beauty equipment, 6 colors of light mode, whitening anti-aging, smoothing wrinkles, dark circles and fine lines. Suitable for eyes, face, neck and body.
RF and EMS technology: RF and electroporation technology provides comprehensive skin care without pain. High permeability makes the skin better and absorbs faster.
Easy to use: The treatment tool is simple to use, safe and easy to operate, light and portable, and easy to carry

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