Remote and Nunchuck for Wii and Wii u


TechKen Wireless Controller for Wii, Motion Plus Wii Controller Compatible for Wii, Wii U

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TechKen Wii Nunchuck remote motion controller features built-in motion sensing and an remote control both. It works smoothly and sensitively just as original Nintendo does. Please note it?s an third party product, not Nintendo original product.
EASY SYNC STEPS — Push the small button on the controller (where the batteries go) then push the red button on the Wii console (under the little door), then you?re able to synchronize with Nintendo Wii.
Compatible with all versions of Nintendo Wii console. Powered by 2 AA batteries(not included)
Easy steps to rumble feature(MOTION PLUS) and a built-in speaker. Connect with the console by simply pressing the SYNC button. Built-in motion sensor, accentuate your sense of touch while playing. Built-in motion plus to enhance the control. Powerful speaker provides instant audio feedback.
Safety Straps and Silicon case are included.

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