Controller for PS4, PowerLead Wireless Gaming Controller Six-axis Dual Vibration Gamepad for Playstation 4/Playstation 3 with Colorful LEDs and Touch Pad

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1. Adopt high-performance wireless connection technology to provide reliable signals within 8 meters without delay and without dropping the line. No drive, automatic connection.

2. Built-in with a 600mAh rechargeable lithium battery, the joystick is with charging display and low power display functions.

3. Built-in with colorful LEDs indicating joystick channels for players, different LED color indicates different joystick.

4. The analog sticks and trigger buttons provide accuracy and convenience, as well as enhanced sensitivity

5. Built-in with 3D accelerating sensor and Gyro sensor providing with 6-axis sensing function.

6. Touch panel and panel button functions are supported by this joystick.

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