PARKSIDE sweeper 24 A1


PARKSIDE sweeper 24 A1 Technical information
Broom system: roller brush and disc brushes
65 cm is the sweep width.
24 l, the size of the dirt hopper
Maximum area performance is 1800 m2/h; the housing is made of plastic.

approximately 610 x 535 x 270 mm in size

approximately 9.71 kilogram

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PARKSIDE sweeper 24 A1 from <a href=””>Bloom</a> Characteristics
Ideal for paved outside spaces like driveways, terraces, courtyards, or walkways
A revolving brush system with two disc brushes and one roller brush provides excellent cleaning performance.
environmentally friendly and peaceful
removes both dry and wet debris
easy sweeping of edges and corners
Smooth-running soft profile wheels and a 360-degree swivel castor make it simple to maneuver.
Built-in, quickly detachable garbage container
Equipment with a long, soft handle that is comfortable and height-adjustable
thanks to the quick-release folding feature, may be stowed away to conserve space.

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