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BOWKA Laser Dot Mole Removal Picosecond Spot Removal Beauty Device for Skin Day, Mole, Tattoo, Freckles, and Skin Pigmentation

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A month before and after treatment, strict sun protection is required, and the skin must not be exposed to sunlight. It is not recommended to use a laser when the skin is in a sensitive phase. You can also use medical devices with repair function.
After treatment, strict sun protection and moisture are essential for the skin. The process of skin renewal requires plenty of water to promote the regeneration of collagen. Therefore, strengthening moisture is an indispensable step for post-operative regeneration. At the same time, the skin condition is relatively fragile after laser treatment, and ultraviolet radiation can easily lead to the formation of new spots on the skin.
Apply an anaesthesic cream (e.g. emla cream) to the area to be treated and leave it to work after 20 minutes. Without hurting normal skin, no bleeding and little pain. High-tech and electric ion carbonation functions that transform instant voltage discharge into electric ion heat for cabonization.
Frequency 4 gears and intensity 9 speeds, powerful and fast energy decomposes dark pigments directly. Less treatment time, better treatment effects. The pico second pen can effectively dissolve melanin into fine particles to promote skin metabolism and reduce melanin deposits, reduce freckles and dark spots, refine the skin from the inside and create a healthy glow.
Warranty: 12 months. Important: the power supply. The pen must be connected to the socket via a power supply. Without wiring, it does not turn on, it needs a power source. Instruction manual in German via PDF, please contact our service before (English language not guaranteed).

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