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Blackhead Extractor, Blackhead Extractor, Electric Vacuum Extractor, Pore Cleaner, Comedone Whitehead Remover Kit USB Rechargeable Pore, Suction also with 5 different suction heads

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Upgraded Pore Vacuum Cleaner 2021: Adopts the innovative vacuum technology which has more powerful suction. You will be amazed how much dirt and grime comes off your face after using our pore cleanser tool. Our blackhead remover creates airflow and centrifugal force, which painlessly separates blackheads from skin. We suggest steaming your face for about 5 minutes to help open your pores before use, that’s when you will get the best results.
5 replaceable suction heads, say goodbye to blackheads, whiteheads, acne, blemishes. The blackhead remover provides 5 suction points. Large round suction head, small round suction head, mini suction head, elliptical suction head, microcrystalline beauty head. It will help you remove blackheads, blemishes and makeup residue, smooth wrinkles and tighten the skin.
3 Suction Strengths, Suits All Skin Types: This pore facial cleanser has 5 suction types and 3 levels, suits different facial skin types (dry / neutral / combination / oily skin). Different suction heads have different functions. Compared with the traditional pore vacuum, our pore vacuum achieves a gentle and perfect deep cleaning without damaging the pores. It is better than any other way of cleaning pores.
USB Rechargeable & Portable Size: No more worrying about replacing batteries, the built-in 450mAh rechargeable lithium battery can last over 150 minutes on a single charge. It comes with a high-quality USB data cable for fast charging. It can be charged via PC USB ports, power bank and mobile phone charger.
? ?100% satisfaction, we guarantee a 100-day refund and 2-year warranty? We support 100-day refund and 2-year warranty. If you find a defective product, we will refund you and send you a free replacement no matter what reason.

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