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Moin Blackhead Remover Vacuum Pore Vacuum Blackhead Remover Tool Professional Blackhead Vacuum Cleaner Acne Comedone Blackhead Extractor Pore Cleanser Black Head Remover Vacume USB 4 Suction Probes

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?UPGRADED PORE CLEANER VACUUM? After upgraded 4 generations of pore cleaner vacuum, Moin presents you blackhead remover HTY-04, this pore vacuum suction technology with the most suitable suction power for Euro skin. Over 5,000 tests prove it able to effectively remove black head, whitehead, pimple, acne, and comedone, cosmetics residue. To bring out the effect, please keep using for at least 3-5 weeks.
?NO HARM &. USER FRIENDLY? Made of ABS materials without any toxic or harmful chemicals, black head remover kit VA-1 apply the gentle suction method for skincare. Suction force no more than 60kp leaves no pain or bruise in your skin. Pore cleansing becomes safer and easier than all the traditional violent methods. It allows you to enjoy peaceful SPA anywhere, by noise less than 25db, portable weight and size.
?USB CHARGING AND SIMPLIFIED 3 MODES IN 1? This professional blackhead remover nose tool is charged by USB. Full charge takes less than 2 hours and last more than 180 minutes. Moin vacuum keeps the simple design of 3 modes in 1 button. Long press to power on and short press to adjust the suction modes. Simple and elegant as it is, making this electric blackhead cleaner a good gift choice for your beloved, friends or family.
?4 PROBES + 4 EXTRA REMOVAL TOOLS? No worries about if the machine suits you. Moin skin vacuum pore cleanser comes with 4 different replaceable probes, and 4 extra removal kit, hence, can take care of all the oily, dry, neutral, or mixed skin types. Regular care with VA-1 blackheads remover reduces wrinkles, tightens pores, makes skin more radiant and firmer. 4 extra removal tools available in the meantime.
?ALWAYS A CHOICE FOR YOUR SKIN? The higher the suction level you choose, the stronger the suction power. 4 probes can help you clean certain different skin areas. You may start from level 1 and medium probe, and then try different probes and levels of suction to get the desired effect. Please don’t use the blackhead remover longer than 5s in one place, just gently slide the pore vacuum up and down in one direction.

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