Microcrystalline blackhead instrument MC-004


Kinsy Electric Nose Blackhead Cleansing Facial Pore Cleanser

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This blackhead remover vacuum cleaner can effectively solve these skin problems with powerful vacuum suction to prevent acne and oil, promote the circulation of skin wrinkles have slowed down, the skin vitality fresh glory.
6 kinds of replaceable beauty heads, including microcrystalline head, elliptical hole head, large circle hole head, middle circle hole head, small circle hole head, and mini circle head. It is a multifunctional facial cleanser that can be adapted to different skin conditions.
3 different adjustable suction modes that can help you easily control your skin care. You can select these 3 modes through the “M” button. “YX” is the great suction for oily skin with stubborn blackheads; “ZX” is the medium suction for neutral skin with fewer blackheads; “GX” is the small suction, suitable for sensitive skin and the first use.
Don’t worry about batteries; This facial pore cleanser has a built-in USB charging function. It is easy to carry with its light weight of 150 grams.
The package includes 1 electric blackhead extractor, 5 suction heads, 1 USB charging cable and 1 instruction manual (Spanish language not guaranteed).

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