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DKAF Magnetic Eyelash Applicator Tool Kit, Magnetic Lashes Clip Eyelashes Set, Not Easy to Fall Off Without Glue Easy to Use, Premium Magnetic Clip with a Pair of 3D Magnets Reusable False Lashes

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?Magnetic Eyelash?The eyelash curler can easily grab the magnetic eyelashes, which is convenient and quick. In this way, applying magnetic eyelashes is like a piece of cake, just attach, clip & release! Pay attention to the root of the eyelashes when releasing, to ensure that the eyelashes are firm and natural.
?Easy to Apply?Place the eyelashes onto the magnet part of lasher, be sure the magnetic strips face each other. move lasher toward your eye and keep its arms above and below your real eyelash, close to the roots of eyelashes, gently touch the top arm to your eyelid, close the bottom arm. now release lasher. This eyelash partner is guaranteed to save time whilst doing your makeup.
?Safe to Use?Three magnetic design, can better fit your eye curvature, achieve the best effect without harming the eyes and natural eyelashes. The first time you use it may not achieve the expected effect, try to achieve the best effect with proficient operation for many times.
?Widely Application?Applying magnetic eyelashes and curling lashes. Curvy clamp design is also for further curling after applying magnetic eyelashes. This tool is equally effective as an eyelash curler and false eyelash remover.
?Perfect Gift? Lightweight and small in size, you can easily slip this tool into your purse or pocket, allowing you to apply, remove or repair your lashes on-the-go at a moment?s notice. Can be a wonderful gift for your friends and girl friends!

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