Loop 4 Seater Bench with Backrest

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Imagine if you could have a seat around your table that not only makes the space look good, but also makes friends and family feel great while sat in it. If style, practicality and comfort are all things you want for your dining area, then you can’t miss the Loop 4 Seater Bench with Backrest. This modern dining bench has a medium seat padding and soft faux leather covering, making it a dream to sit on when sat down to enjoy your food. Its clean lines and simple shape will instantly bring a modern elegance to your room, with the choice of either chrome or stainless steel loop legs to add a hint of light and freshness. What You Need To Know:
The Loop bench measures 180cm in length, designed to comfortably seat 4 people. Having a four seater bench as opposed to four dining chairs means that you get a much cleaner look, as there is one seat rather than lots of individual chairs.
Dining benches also allow for a lot more seating flexibility, making them ideal for families and seating younger children.
The seat construction of the Loop bench is made up of multiple layers of high-density foam and fibre to create the ultimate comfortable dining experience. This creates somewhere where friends and family will be able to sit comfortably, long after the dinner plates have been cleared away!
The bench seat is soft to the touch and has a high level of comfort, as well as a good level of back support; important to consider when sitting for any amount of time. The seat construction is engineered for maximum comfort and recovery, meaning that the benches have a homely and comfortable feel when they are in use, but retain their smooth shape when vacated.
A great feature of the loop benches is their simplicity. Because of this, the benches are so versatile and can be styled in a whole range of different interiors. This makes the Loop benches a simple but very effective way to update the look of your dining space.
The leg design of this modern dining bench is a looped shape, finished in either a highly polished chrome or a sleek stainless steel. The open style of the leg frame keeps the base of the Loop bench looking spacious while the metal finishes both gently reflect the light, adding a bright and fresh feel to your dining space.

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