LONOVE Nano Ionic Facial Steamer


Lonove BPA Free Face Mist Mist Mist Face Mute for Moisturising Pores with Stainless Steel Kit and Headband

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SUPER STRONG MIG QUOTE 10 X penetration than normal steam: Full steam is only converted from clean water into microfine particles within 30 seconds to create a powerful, even mist. The normal steamer produces water vapour instead of nano-ion mist, cannot penetrate deep into pores. During the LONOVE Spa facial steamer penetrates your skin up to 10 times more effectively and thus improves blood circulation by up to 10 times.
No plastic smell, healthy skin care, Lonove facial steamer. The facial steamer has been sterilized with the patented inner UV disinfectant system to sterilize the nano mist before it comes out to ensure that the steam is 100% clean and reaches your skin in the purest and most effective condition. When used for the first time, this nano face steamer will have a new plastic smell, please do not worry, it is normal and it will disappear a few times steam.
Improved Nano Steam Technology, Professional Facial Treatment The Lonove face steamer was developed with an exclusive atomizer lamp and a new sound atomizer to produce nano steam with negatively charged ionic particles. Nano steam combined with ionic water particles are up to 10x more effective in penetrating skin. It can release your pores and improve your skin tone, which is not invasive and even relaxing. This means that you can enjoy professional facial bath at home or when travelling.
MULTI-FUNCTIONAL PROFESSIONAL FACE CARE: Our face steamer is BPA free and not only helps dry skin by adding moisture, opens pores for better penetration, but also reduces acne and blackheads, weakens pigment stains, removes congestion in sinuses. And warm crap can also naturally deep cleanse to clean the skin, booting blood circulation and preventing signs of ageing. Allows you to forget the stress of the day for a while. Get a home and get your beauty.
Perfect Gift Comes with 5 piece blackhead extractor set and headband – Lonove pearl white face mute designed with built in water tank which is not easily damaged and overflowing, safer when steaming. The facial steamer comes with blackhead remover kit and headband, more convenient to use. A perfect gift for friends and family.

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