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Handheld game console, retro game console with 400 classic handheld games, supports 2 players and TV connection, 800 mAh rechargeable battery

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400 classic games, fun for kids and adults: The handheld game console has 400 built-in classic handheld games, such as action, sports, racing, shooting, fighting games and etc., it not only brings the fun game time to the children, but also awaken the wonderful childhood memories to the adults of the 80s and 90s, as well as release their life pressure.
2-Player Compatible: The other game controller, included in the package, allows two people to play at the same time and brings interaction to the players, which is helpful in maintaining the relationship between brothers and sisters, as well as parents and children. (Note: The wired controller only works to control the second player in 2-player games, it does not work in 1-player games. 1-player games are controlled by the buttons on the handheld game console)
Connect to TV: You can even connect this handheld game console to TV with AV output cable, to display the game image in real time on the TV screen, and experience the fantastic game viewing.
? ?Portable Game Player? It is portable and easy to carry this mini game player in your pocket or bag with its fairly compact design, so you can have fun anytime, anywhere.
Long-lasting and rechargeable battery: Built-in 800mAh rechargeable battery, supports long-lasting game up to 5-6 hours after fully charged. Can be played outside without plugging in.

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