AMLESO Electric Liquid Shaker Wake-up Device Eyelash Glue Mixer Decanter, Waterproof High-Efficiency – Black

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Automatic Eyelash Glue Mixer: Specially designed for liquids such as nail polish, eyelash glue, , etc
The rotating speed reaches up to 25000 rpm, improving its work efficacy. When your polish has been sitting for a time, it will settle down and separates. Polish shaker makes nail polish mix well, gels are no longer streaky, and glitter polishes cover better than ever, perfect without bubbles.
Better grafting effect: electric shaking is more uniform than manual shaking which can make the glue last longer time.
Free hands: no need to shake the glue manually 2 minutes any longer.
Save time: compared to shake 2 minutes manually,it only need 10 seconds.

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