Emilia White Oak Dining Table

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If you are looking for a minimalist yet impactful design of dining table for your home, the Emilia White Oak Dining Table might just be what you’re after. Its chunky table legs and thick table top mean the Emilia White Oak Dining Table can seat up to eight people. It’s an ideal choice if you regularly have lots of people round for dinner! What You Need To Know:
Because of its clean and simple shape, the Emilia dining table works effortlessly well with a whole variety of dining chairs. White oak is also an incredibly neutral colour, so choosing what finish of dining chair you want will also be very easy to match!
The Emilia White Oak Dining Table is a modern, chunky dining table with a contemporary white oak wooden veneer. You can see the lovely wood grain running throughout, which really adds a tactile quality to this dining table.
The chunky wooden table top is supported by 4 thick legs also finished in white oak, creating a fabulous substantial dining table suitable for any modern dining room or kitchen diner.

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