ECHTPOWER Wireless controller for PS3


ECHTPower Wireless Controller for PS3, Wireless Bluetooth Controller with Double Shock, 6 Ashes Gyrosko and Rechargeable Battery, Wireless Gamepad Joystick for Playstation 3

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Alternative to the original controller: ECHTPower Wireless PS3 controller is compatible with Sony Playstation 3, the connection to the console can be made within 5 seconds via Bluetooth and it does not require any driver to install; with the weight of 240 g, the controller offers you a pleasant gaming experience and your hands do not fatigue quickly, then you can enjoy the games anytime and anywhere.
Precise 6-axis motion sensor: ECHTPower wireless controller with 6-gyroscope sensor can detect any movement and then reacts quickly and without delay, guarantees a precise gaming experience and is perfectly compatible with such games as FIFA, Call of Duty, Gran Turismo Batman etc.
Dual motor and wireless connection: Genuine Power PS3 gamepad with dual motor offers you a real and convincing gaming experience; with the latest Bluetooth wireless technology, the controller guarantees you stable and undelayed connection. This Playstation 3 controller offers a Bluetooth range of up to 10 meters (32.8 feet), meaning you can sit far away from the games console and enjoy games without causing data loss or signal interference.
Ergonomic design: with the latest design, the feel of the controller is very good and all buttons and sticks have a comfortable size and pressure points and you can play for hours without any problems or cramps, no matter you have small or size hands, is an absolute improvement in handling than other controllers. The shoulder buttons are easy to reach and the sticks can be easily steered in all directions, it reacts quickly after inputing.
Long battery life and automatic sleep mode: built-in 400 mAh lithium battery can be used continuously for 5-12 hours after full charge, the charging time is approx. 2 hours 5 minutes without input, the controller automatically switches to sleep mode (sensor does not move). ECHTPower Wireless Controlelr is a must-have for PS3 fans.

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