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?2020 Diamond Version?Blackhead Remover Pore Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner USB Charging Rechargeable LED Display Blackhead Remover with 5 Interchangeable Cleaning Attachments and 3 Modes by Bestope

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?2020 Advanced Vacuum Extraction Technology?The latest vacuum cleaner blackhead has perfect function the ability to suck and clean the skin stronger, with an effective physical approach to solve skin problems. 3,000 experiments have been carried out and that blackheads, skin waste, acne, dead skin cells, grease and dirt can be effectively removed. Device keeps your skin clean, healthy and glowing, blackhead remover to deep clean the pores.
Multifunctional and professional: face pore cleaner for adjusting the suction power from 1 to 5. The light suction level 1 and 2 are suitable for sensitive and dry skin. The medium absorbency 3 is for normal skin. The high absorbency 4 is for oily skin and the strongest absorbency 5 is for combination skin. The electric pickle vacuum cleaner with 5 interchangeable large and medium round holes.
Effective and safe: the blackhead remover is made of environmentally friendly material, and is non-toxic and no irritation. It can be used safely on the face, safer and more efficient than conventional facial cleansing methods such as nose patches and acne needles. This blackhead remover cleaning tool is more comfortable and effective than using a face mask or an acne needle. It can be used safely on the face.
3 skin care modes: our blackhead remover has three treatment modes for three-colour light, and the red muscle function can restore skin elasticity. The green skin whitening function specifically removes melanin. A blue firming treatment can inhibit skin secretion and balance the oil. Use Bestope blackhead remover to achieve a perfect skin condition.
LED display and portable: the Bestope pore cleaning suction cup offers an LED display serves to check the suction power level and battery power. It complies with the principles of human body engineering and handle design. It is easy to carry and you can enjoy your professional spa skin care at home or when travelling.

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