comedones CLEAN Instrument XL008S


Quiet USB Pore Cleaner to Remove Blackheads, Acne & Blackheads – Cordless Beauty Tool with 5 Tips

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? Vacuum negative pressure technology: The vacuum negative pressure suction principle is adopted, and the positive and negative physical electrodes are alternately fluid, and the blackheads deep in the pores are sucked out of the skin to achieve a deeper cleaning.
? 5 kinds of tips can be replaced at will: micro-crystal tip, micro-crystal head absorb dead skin cells, can suck when it is sputum, soft and not hurt the skin. An oval tip that tightens the skin, reduces fine lines and increases elasticity. Small round head, suck the parts which are not easy to reach, fragile and delicate is not suitable for large suction, choose a small round head. The large round head makes blackheads and acne easy to loosen.
? Three speed of force adjustment: discreet light suction, suitable for sensitive skin. Mid-range: moderate inhalation of medium blackheads. High quality suction cup for large pores and visible blackheads.
? USB charging: equipped with large capacity lithium battery, say goodbye to any electricity problem, use 500mAh high density battery, UB charging, long battery life, full power can be used continuously for 3 hours, allowing you to enjoy enough pleasure energy
? High quality materials: high quality ABS material, more skin-friendly, main body injection treatment, more wear-resistant, head accessories plating treatment, elegant appearance, trendy.

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