Cocopa beauty Devices M1905


Blackhead Vacuum, Improved Cocopa Blackhead Extractor Pore Cleaner, USB Rechargeable Blackhead Acne Extraction Machine with LED Display, 5 Probes, 3 Modes

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1. Open the pores with a hot towel, steamer or hot compress (about 5 minutes) before performing the vacuum suction. Its very important!
2. Use blackhead export liquid to remove blackheads lurking deep under the skin.
3. Do not use it for more than 5 minutes to avoid skin injury.
4. Do not work in a fixed place for more than 3 seconds, otherwise you may get spots or bruises on your face.
5. DO NOT remove the machine while vacuuming (this also causes bruising and red skin). Let one side leave the skin first to release the air, then remove it
6. Always move in one direction, moving it backwards and forwards will cause bruises or red spots.
7. Please use the silicone head for the first blackhead treatment. Test the suction on your arms before applying it to your face.
8. For sensitive skin, please use the silicone head.
9. Do not use if your skin is broken or damaged.
10. Once a week for dry skin, twice for oily and combination skin.
11. It is normal for your skin to turn a little red; it will disappear.
12. Treatment with moisture and essential oils after application helps improve skin health.
13. After cleaning, you can also use the hot base of the product or a hot towel to remove red spots.
14. Do not wash the machine body, it is not waterproof.
15. Press the power button for about 3 seconds to activate the device.
16. The charging adapter (5 V) used for your smartphone is also suitable for charging this device.
17. The red power symbol indicator flashes while charging. After the device fully charged; the indicator turns stable green.

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