Blackhead Remover With Blue Light


USB rechargeable electric blackhead extractor with blue light treatment and LED screen

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MULTI-FUNCTION AND PROFESSIONAL: The blackhead vacuum cleaner is designed for a variety of skin types. The pore absorption has 3 adjustable suction levels. Soft mode is for sensitive and dry skin, normal mode is for neutral skin, strong mode is for combination and oily skin. At the same time, it has 4 suction heads for different skin conditions: cleanses blackheads, eliminates fat, reduces dead skin and fine lines, massages and firms the skin.
Blue light treatment: turn on the blackhead remover and double click “O” button, then we get into blue light treatment mode. It can balance fat, improve oily skin, shrink pores and remove blackheads and whiteheads. When using pore cleaner to suck blackheads, please use beauty lamp. We also recommend using a hot towel or steamer for 3-5 minutes to fully open the skin pores.
LED display and USB rechargeable: The LED display clearly shows the absorption intensity and battery power. With USB rechargeable battery, our electric blackhead vacuum cleaner is durable and practical. After full charge, it can be used for a month. It is recommended to use twice a week, each time for 5 minutes.
Safe and reliable: the latest generation has stronger suction power and cleanses the skin more deeply. Vacuum technology will not harm your skin and effectively removes stubborn blackheads, whiteheads, dead skin, dirt and oil in pores. Made of reliable ABS material without any chemicals which is poisonous and dangerous, it is safe for the skin. It is a good choice to send to your family and friends as a gift.
Portable and Ergonomic: This blackhead suction instrument is lightweight and portable, suitable for family and travel use. Its design is ergonomic, easy to hold and use. It has low noise and brings you calm skin care after busy work or tired travel. It will reduce black spots, acne, oily fat, dead skin exfoliation, fine lines and wrinkles, makeup residue, dust mites.

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