Azmall coffee grinder AL-3018S


Electric Coffee Grinder, Removable Stainless Steel Bowl, 200W, 75g Capacity, Grinding Mill for Coffee Beans, Spice, Nuts, Seeds, Herbs, Free Cleaning Brush – Otto 30RYI.

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?Removable Stainless Steel Bowl? The electric coffee grinder is equipped with a detachable food-grade stainless steel bowl. Without having to take the whole machine with you, pouring the powder and cleaning the coffee grinder are much easier. The transparent top cover makes it convenient to observe the fineness of powder and control the grinding degree.
?Rapid Grinding? The coffee bean grinder adopts 200W large power & high quality motor that runs up to 24000rpm for high grinding efficiency, making you get coarse or fine coffee powder easily within only 10-20 seconds. The stainless steel blade grinds sharply and evenly. The uniformity of coffee powder will make the coffee taste brighter and stronger after extraction, and the performance of the flavor characteristics will be clearer and more consistent.
?Multifunctional Grinder? In addition to grind coffee beans, the electric grinder with BS British standard 3 pin plug can be used to grind many other food such as dried spice, herb, pepper, seeds, flax seeds, cinnamon, nuts, cumin, bay leaf, dried chili, chickpeas, mint and more.
?Easy One-handed Operation? Just press the button control for different grinding time and you can make fine-coarse powder of coffee bean as you like. The steady and safety lock and nice sealing ring effectively prevent powder splashing. The spice grinder electric can only work when the grinding bowl is locked in place and the lid is correctly placed on the grinding bowl.
?Big Capacity & Quality Assurance? The coffee grinder electric is made of food grade and completely BPA free material. The big capacity of 75 grams is ideal to grind powder for 4-12 cups of coffee, enough for a big family. If you have any questions about our products, you can always contact us and we will be happy to help.

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