Aria Large Espresso Dark Wood Coffee Table

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Aria Large Espresso Dark Wood Coffee Table
The Aria Large Espresso Dark Wood Coffee Table is such a luxurious looking piece. The rich dark wood veneer paired with the gorgeous tempered glass legs makes this a must have piece if you want add a hint of elegance, alongside polished and contemporary design to your living room. What You Need To Know:
The dark wood veneer table top sits on two legs, manufactured from 12mm thick tempered clear glass. This makes the Aria look as though it is suspended in the air, while also keeping the space looking bright and open around the base of the coffee table.
The designer clear glass legs have been rigorously tested for strength and durability, certified to BS6206, to confirm their quality and strength against impact. This is to ensure we are providing you with safe, strong and durable furniture for your home.
One of the trendy glass legs runs across the width of the coffee table at one end and the other runs lengthwise, to provide a stunning but safe base for this modern dark wood coffee table.
This large modern coffee table is finished in a dark wood veneer table top. This, combined with the elegant glass legs, gives this piece a really rich and luxurious look.
The Aria large coffee table is 40cm in height, 80cm in width and 120cm in length, making it ideal for placing by your sofa or seating area so drinks and magazines are always at arm’s reach!

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