ANLAN Multifunctional Massager DRY06


ANLAN Beauty Device, Multi Anti-wrinkle High Frequency Facial Lifting Machine with EMS + Heated/Cold + Lonic, Face Massager for Skin Care, Skin Rejuvenation and Tightening

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??? Multi Facial Skin Care Machine?ANLAN beauty device contains the most comprehensive mode of facial care, including clean, cool, ems lifting, moistruring and ColSynthesis, which offers you multi effects such as anti-wrinkles, tightening, Lifting, deep cleaning and skin massager. With long term regular use you will see a reduction in wrinkles and loose skin and an overall healthier complexion.
???Red & Blue Lights Device?Red light stimulates collagen production and has the effect of accelerating the natural healing process of the skin. Blue light is effective for killing bacteria that cause acne which can penetrate into 0.25mm under the cortex and destroying the bacteria living environment. ANLAN LED Light Therapy Face Massager is suitable for dry, oily and sensitive skin, and for people of all ages.
???Cold and Heated Massage Mode?Compared with others, the biggest feature of ANLAN beauty device is unique hot and cold compress mode. 1. 6-12?C cold mode help to shrink pores and lock skin nutrition and moisture, making the skin delicate and elastic. 2. 38-42?C warm mode not only can better perform deep cleansing, but also help to open your pores quickly to promote the absorption of skincare, which making your skin more elastic and moisturized.
???Making Skincare Work More effective?Do you feel that the effect of facial care with hands is not obvious enough? ANLAN high frequency facial lifting machine works well at pushing toner, creams and serums deeper into the skin, make sure that your skincare works at its maximum performance. Ion dissipation uses the absorption power of positive ions to firmly dissipate pore clogging, darkening and aging of the skin that cannot be removed by hand washing.
???Excellent Customer Service?ANLAN 5 in 1 anti-wrinkle high frequency facial lifting machine has memory function which will remember the mode you used last time.We offer high-quality after-sales service and free product support.If you are unhappy with your purchase for any other reason,12-months warranty and 365 days technical support.

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