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Here where we answer the most asked  questions…

What is Bloom Authentic Outlet?

We are an outlet which have 14 branches allover Lebanon, but they are not only Bloom Authentic Outlet, there's also : Balmy and Bound.

What can I find in your Branches ?

Almost everything you want, we sell everything you are looking for, like: Furniture, Household, Electronics, Clothes, Shoes, Kitchen supplies, Toys and more...

Where I can be updated about Sales and New products?

You can follow us on facebook, instagram @Bloom Authentic Outlet and @Balmy Outlet!
You can also text us on Whatsapp in the "Contact us!" Page...

Can I pay using Dollar?

Sure, in our branches you can, but not on website...
About our dollar rate you can ask our employees on cash to know the daily rate...

Can I pay using a Visa card?

Sure! Same as Dollar you can only pay using a Visa Card in our branches... There is an additional fee on Visa 30% of your invoice value.

Is there a refund system?

Sorry but there isn't a refund system, you can exchange your item wihin 3 days since your invoice date with the first invoice...

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